Welcome to The Dollhouse

Welcome to The Dollhouse

“Music has really brought us together.”
Peter Mavrogeorgis grew up in Syosett, Long Island.  He played french horn in his high school orchestra and, “A bit of LaCrosse when I wasn’t terrifying neighbors practicing heavy metal guitar in my parent’s basement.”  Blake Olmstead Mavrogeorgis grew up in Atlanta where, in 7th grade, she started an all girls band called Pineapple Transportation.  The two musicians both went to college in Manhattan, where they met in 2003.  They remained friends until 2008, when while playing in a band together, they decided to take their relationship to the next level.  A few years later they decided to move to Savannah to open a recording studio.

Why Savannah?
Blake: We saw potential in Savannah as a growing cultural market.
Peter: We were ready to get out of the City and, in terms of time and money and everything, it was way easier to expand our studio in Savannah than it would have been in Brooklyn.  There was a niche to fill here.

How Did You Find a Space?
Peter: We knew we had to find a space that was structurally sound with high ceilings.  I thought we’d stay downtown and Beth [Vantosh] showed us many places around downtown.
Blake: We had been looking for at least nine months and were almost ready to give up and move back to New York, when Beth called one day and said, I found it!  We had no idea about this neighborhood.  Beth showed us the space and we loved it.
Peter: The rent was reasonable, and it was raw space with no structural issues or roof leaks.

Getting Open
Blake: Because of the event space and venue, we ended up having to change our Primary Use from Recording Studio to Promoters with Facilities, which also changed  what we were required to do by the City to meet code regulations.
Peter: The whole process is something you have to take upon yourself.  Don’t assume that different departments in the City are talking to each other.

The Neighborhood
Blake: It feels like we are in our own little world over here, which has ended up being a good thing.
Peter: We are out of the way.  Nobody really bothers us.  The privacy is great, our people and equipment feel secure.

How’s Business?
Blake: Having the venue has brought attention and helped us make connections with future clients.
Peter: Bands are coming in to record from all over the country.  Being in Savannah allows us to offer competitive rates and, for bands from other places, it is a beautiful place to stay while you’re making a record. We’ve also been doing TV and film stuff which is great because that money allows for us to maintain a real creative space.  We’re adding a production facility for editing soon, and bringing on a second engineer to help us handle all of the work we have.

Vital Stats
Who: Blake and Peter Mavrogeorgis + interns, volunteers, and an ever changing cast of bands, performers and creatives
What: Dollhouse Productions http://www.dhouseproductions.com
When: Dollhouse hosts a wide variety of events, check the calendar HERE
Where: A 5,600 SF, early 1940s brick warehouse located at 980 Industry Drive
Why: Full-service, state of the art recording studio with a multi-purpose production and event space, all of which is one of a kind in Savannah

Cool Factor: The Dollhouse Venue has hosted shows including: Dan Deacon, Tav Falco & The Panther Burns, Art Garfunkel, Kylesa, Os Mutantes, Shonen Knife, and Modern English.  They have also hosted a number of special events including: Graveface Fest, Johnathan Toubin’s Soul Clap & Dance Off, Atlanta’s Legendary Children, and every Spring since 2012, have provided an alternative venue for the SCAD Fashion Show.

Bonus Round: Dollhouse Productions has been a sponsor of the Savannah Stopover Music Festival since 2012.  In 2013, 2014 and again this year, Dollhouse will hold live recording sessions with a selection of bands playing the Festival – Stopover Sessions.  Have a look & listen HERE.
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