Black Friday

Black Friday

It’s that time of year.  Broughton Street shop windows are sparkling, the malls and big box stores are preparing for the onslaught.  For many Americans, organizing a holiday shopping game plan (Wal-Mart at midnight, Target at 2am, …) is as serious as who is bringing what to Thanksgiving dinner, and who is playing football.

For decades, the Army-Navy football game was played in Philadelphia on the Saturday following Thanksgiving.  Back in the early 1960’s, Philadelphia police officers started calling the day in between Thanksgiving and the Army-Navy game “Black Friday” because there were so many traffic jams,  so many people shopping and bustling about, that the hectic scene was nothing but a huge headache for the police.  Retailers, of course, did not appreciate the negative connotations attached to one of their best days of the year, but despite PR efforts to rename the day, “Black Friday” stuck.


By the mid-1980’s, the negativity associated with Black Friday began to dissipate as another theory, which was far more popular with the retailers began circulating –  the day is called Black Friday because retailers make so much profit (symbolized by black ink in accounting practice).  Today, the holiday shopping season starts on Thanksgiving Day and we have Small Business Saturday as well as Cyber Monday, but Black Friday is still a huge one.

Wishing all our local and national retailers a very Black Friday!
Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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